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The Daily Talk: All about Libya

The Daily Talk has carried the following story on Libya for the past few days. When I stopped by the Libyan embassy compound today, the generator was still roaring and several official vehicles remained in the compound. One of the guards at the compound gate confirmed that Libyan officials were still present there, but that “as far as he knew” the embassy had been closed and the officials would leave soon.

The Libyan Embassy in Sinkor, Monrovia, was still occupied on Friday.

Liberia, Libya’s investment killed? Ellen cuts off friendship with Libya, recalls staff back home as America, Britain lobby to support rebels to unseat Gadafi.

US Pres. Obama: “Gadafi must leave Libya now.”

Pres. Gadafi: “Not leaving Libya. Da my oil you want. Ellen [Johnson Sirleaf, Liberian president] with you.”

Pres. Sirleaf: “A hard to talk to Gadafi, da big town-trap for me. I don’t want your friendship again. I am taking my staff from you country. Ina betrayed u and A.U. [African Union].” Alleged statement.

The news: Fresh report reaching this newspaper says the Liberian leader Pres. Sirleaf after holding  talks in UK with leaders has broken friendship with Libya as US and Britain lobby for rebels.


Other Headlines: 

  • CDC [Congress for Democratic Change, a Liberian political party] George Weah tears as his Sec. Gen. Ugean Nagbah heads Pres. Sirleaf’s campaign for her 2nd term.
  • America fears China taking over Africa as US sec. state warns leaders.
  • Nurses in Todee District, Mont. [Montserrado] county appeal for ambulance. LP Brumskine: I will develop Todee Dist. if elected president.



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