The Daily Talk: More than refugees coming from the Ivory Coast

With the violence following the November 2010 presidential elections in the Ivory Coast, refugees have been flooding into Liberia’s border counties. Until now, the main problems have been overstretched resources and some tensions between hosts and refugees. On Friday, the headlines in Liberia were all about a cache of weapons discovered in one province, linked to the conflict in the Ivory Coast. The Daily Talk is displaying this story for the next few days:

Evil plans thwarted! Bags of gunshot and guns discovered in Lib. – I/Coast border, UN backed Quattara [Ouattara] rebels and refugees linked.

The bags of ammunition and arm unearthed in Fish County last week by state security near Ivory Coast include one butter rice bag [butter rice is a type of rice known for coming in large bags] of ammunition, 48 AK-47’s, 1 GMG [grenade machine gun], and 5 PKMs [PK machine guns]. I/Coast rebels and refugees linked. Several arrested in R/Gee [River Gee] County in connection with arms and ammunition discovered by police.

Other Headlines:

  • Pres. Sirleaf keeping the promise. A new court in Wee District, G/Bassa [Grand Bassa County].
  • Jailbreak at Center St. police department in Monrovia, several criminals on the run.
  • CSA [Civil Servants Association] in Mon. disputed. Critics accuse UP [Unity Party, the current ruling party] gov’t of calculated plans. UP’s choice was defeated.
  • Defense Min. Samukai: “I’ve no intention to run for election.”
  • A bill on Capitol Hill seeking passage for the protection of children, called “Child Act,” suffers serious setback. “Billionaire’s club” at Senate? Unskilled workers make more than skilled workers, says media report.

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