The Daily Talk: Presidential Candidate Caught in Sex Scandal!

The following is the main news article on The Daily Talk for today and tomorrow. It was reported based off of a testimony Cynteah, the woman involved, gave to reporters. The words in brackets are translations of local slang – some are obvious, but I needed Sirleaf to translate some of them for me. Sirleaf wrote the article as a dialogue, something he was especially excited about, as none of the newspapers constructed the story that way. He believes that creative and engaging style, as well as the use of vernacular words, helps readers understand and appreciate his articles more. This article drew lots of readers and lots of lively debates – some readers suspect that the story was concocted by Cynteah as part of a smear campaign. Stay tuned for part II of the story, when Freeman goes to court.

Arrested and Detained: “Hopojoe” [prostitute] Demands Pay from MPC [Movement for Progressive Change, a Liberian political party] Presidential Aspirant Seimon Freeman for “Shorttime”/Sex [a quickie]

Sex Drama Part I

Freeman phone ringing: “You caming [coming]?”

Hopojoe Cynteah: “Yes I caming. But it is after 11 P.M. Let me make it next time.

Freeman: “I want ‘eat something’ [have sex] then u say next time. Look take pan-pan [a type of motorcycle, named for a type of motor they had several years ago that made a pan-pan sound when turned on] and come here to my house. I’ll be in the front of the house with a flashlight. Look ka her, da thing. U get behind U den U say I morn [must] wait for tomorrow with cold coming like this.

One hour later, pan-pan arrives.

Freeman in boxer only, laughing: “Baby, baby! U looking fresh and ready. Cam inside my house. But we will sleep here.

Cynteah: “No, da shorttime.”

Freeman, rushing, takes off his eye glasses: “Take off your cloth.”

Hopojoe Cynteah: “But wait now, you are a ‘big-man’, your bill is 250 USD. And besides that, I am not like the girls. I get my own place. I want a man who will help me to roof my apartment and help me in life.”

Freeman: “Let me eat first. I’ll do it for you.”

Cynteah: “Where is the money?”

Freeman: “Look baby, don’t worry. U don’t know I am the next president of Lib. [Liberia]. I get name in Lib.

Cynteah: “I know Mon. [Monrovian] men. When they finished, den da co-co story [then the flattery starts]. No. Bring condom first before I agree.”

Show over.

Freeman: “I’ll take care of you tomorrow. Take good care, bye.”

After several days with no positive impact, the Movement for Progressive Change standardbearer dragged to Zone 5 police depot and questioned.

Freeman: “Officer, this woman is lying on me. She want spoil my good name in Lib. Look officer, I think u know me. I’m the standardbearer for MPC.”

LNP [Liberian National Police] Officer: “I hear you, but please sit on the prisoner bench. We will prepare your paper and send you to court.

Story continues…

NOTE: Mr. Freeman has denied all claims made

Other headlines of the day:

  • Fighting still rages in Libya
  • President Sirleaf out of Lib., in London on state visit
  • President Sirleaf keeping the promise
  • 9 jacks stolen from Waterside bridge construction; engineers say will delay work

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